Easy to follow tips for using a coat hanger to unlock your car door

coat hanger to unlock your car doorMany people nowadays think about how to unlock their car door when they lost their car key or accidentally left the key inside the car. They can use their coat hanger to unlock their car door. They have to understand and keep in mind that an improper way to unlock their car door leads to damages. The following methods are used to unlock a car door using a coat hanger.

Straighten out the hanger

The first step to use a coat hanger for unlocking a car door is to straighten out the hanger.  If you properly stretch out the wire and make certain that it is enough to reach the post or unlock button of a car door. You can straighten it completely after you have untwisted the hooked portion. Make sure that you leave the original shape of the curved end and keep the shape of the coat hanger relatively straight line with an appropriate curved hook one side when you have done.

V shape and pry the window out slightly

Now, you have to bend the hook into a “V” shape.   Bend the coat hanger’s hook down into a shape which grips the door lock post. Prefer the check mark or V shape which fits through any small gap. You can fold the straightened coat hanger’s end by using a pair of pliers as long as the check mark’s span and ensure that is tight to hook the post.   The next step is to pry the window out slightly when it is closed. Slide a narrow wedge into the gap between the door frame and window. If you have done it, then you can pry the window out away from the vehicle.  You may accidentally break the window when you apply excessive pressure.

Slide the hanger and catch the post

It is the right time to properly slide the hanger into the gap.  Grip the coat hanger’s end which is opposite from the V shape made of pliers.  Slip the hanger into the gap you created between the door frame and window. You have to approach it from the front when the lock post is nearby the car door’s rear side. The next step is to catch the post and pull it up toward the car’s back. You have to twist the hanger around until you reach the post. Once you have reached the post, you can pull the hanger back and in the direction of the car’s rear part apply pressure.  Now, press the unlock button.


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