How to install a lock on a door with sidelights

How to Install a Lock on a Door With Sidelights

Tools Needed

Installing a lock on a door with sidelights requires some basic tools:

  • Screwdriver (both Phillips and flat head)
  • Hacksaw
  • Drill (cordless and/or plug-in)
  • Measuring Tape
  • File
  • Pencil


  1. Measure the door width, as well as the width of the sidelights. Note these measurements.
  2. Go to the local hardware store and purchase a door lock that fits the measurements.
  3. Lay the door lock on the floor and mark where the lockset needs to be installed on the sidelight area.
  4. Using the drill, make holes in the sidelight area where the lockset will be mounted.
  5. Install the pegs and screws into these holes.
  6. Line up the lock set with the pegs and screw it in securely.
  7. Place a piece of sandpaper over the inside of the door frame where the new lockset was installed. Sand it down until the area is level with the door’s surface.
  8. Secure the cylinder to the door frame by drilling two holes into the door frame and using screws to attach them.
  9. Attach the faceplate to the door frame using screws.
  10. Attach the knob or handle to the door and lockset.
  11. Test the door to make sure the lockset is working properly.


  • Be sure to wear safety glasses when drilling.
  • Check the door and lockset for signs of wear before installation.
  • Be sure to use the proper screws for the install.
  • For best results, use a power drill for the install.
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